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Jules Epstein of the Philadelphia Tribune writes:
"The compositions are as intriguing, sharply designed, and crazy-quilted as the best works of Mingus and, more recently, Carla Bley or Henry Threadgil. Allen's tightly constructed pieces mix New Orleans, tango, klezmer-type Eastern European influences, the ambience of silent-film accompaniment, and precision in detail that rivals a Swiss watchmaker. With excellent sidemen, he cavorts across a dancer's landscape, infusing it with the instrumentation and improvisational bursts of jazz. Few musicians could write such music; fewer still could play it with such discipline and unfettered joy. Allen's intelligence, wit and top-caliber musicianship make this CD a dynamo."

Karl Stark of the The Philadelphia Inquirer writes:
(* * * 1/2) “If there were an award for an unknown CD worthy of a wider audience, this should get it. Philadelphia composer and pianist Heath Allen wrote these 14 mood-altering pieces for a dance by choreographer Karen Bamonte that premiered at the Arts Bank in April 1997. The work on disc is an entertaining romp that sounds like an oompah band on speed. By turns slinky and smoky, red/blue turns splendidly wacky as it shifts from the klezmer-like “Goblins Gone Goofy” to the titillating “Tango Buffo” to ersatz Latin jazz and beyond. ....Allen creates a tapestry of danceable ditties that make one want to slip into or out of a tutu, depending on mood.”

Listen to a 40 second excerpt from
The Flying Bamontes (Track 4):

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Detective in the Rain (Track 6):
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